Station 2 is a state of anticipation - reintroducing the notion of potentiality into the actualized exhibition space and implanting an openness that the exhibition loses when it comes into being. Different forms of performance are given a platform from which they can be regarded and from which they can also look at each other. By producing their own space, time and durational place these works expose the circuits into which they are inserted and begin to expand into the realm of lived experience.

Space for certain performances is limited. We recommend making reservations by e-mail or getting a reservation ticket on the day of the performance. For reservations made by e-mail, it is advisable to arrive 30 minutes before the performance in order to pick up the reservation number without which you may not be granted admittance.
All performances are free of charge with the Festival ticket, including those requiring reservations.

Send us e-mail with 1. name of the program 2. Date and Time, 3. Your name and contact. We will reply you with confirmation. You need to arrive NJP Artcenter 30 minutes before it starts, and recieve reservation number. Otherwise, reservation will be cancelled. You need to make reservation at least 48hour before the starting time.
The schedule may change. Please consult the schedule on the website before planning your visit.